10 Jobs to Outsource to an Administrative Consultant to Grow Your Coaching Business

  Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your to-do list? Are you starting to feel like you are spending too much time on "administrivia" rather than with your coaching clients? As I've mentioned before, the things that can be taken off of your plate by working with an Administrative Consultant (sometimes referred to as a virtual assistant) are endless, but let's just go with 5 that can help you immediately. After all, there are only so many hours in the day: wouldn't you rather be working with your clients, growing your business and making more money, all while having more time for your friends and family? Of course you would!

1. Helping with your email marketing. www.hymer-acceleration.de This can include creating a new list in email marketing software such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc., updating current lists, creating and scheduling broadcasts, creating and scheduling auto-responders, and creating and sending email newsletters.

2. Publish blog posts and manage / reply to comments.

3. Create surveys and form and document template creation. Thinking of conducting a survey of your clients or your list? How about re-formatting your client intake questionnaire or welcome packet?

4. Preparation of training materials / teleseminar and webinar set-up. Your administrative consultant can also be on hand for testing prior to your event, as well as online during the event to help troubleshoot any issues that arise.

5. Social Media Management. This can include setting up Facebook fan pages or groups, promoting Facebook pages, setting up a Twitter account, scheduling Tweets, creating images for Pinterest, and much, much more.

6. Client / customer service. An Administrative Consultant can respond to client inquiries, follow-up, reply to emails, return phone calls and schedule / reschedule client appointments.

7. Event management. Are you planning on conducting a workshop or group coaching class? An Administrative Consultant can do venue research, contract negotiation, arrange for catering, AV needs and collateral materials, as well as manage your attendee list.

8. Travel management. Are you traveling to attend seminars or conferences? Perhaps planning on conducting your own workshop in another city? Have your Administrative Consultant research (and book) flight and hotel options, arrange a rental car or other transportation as well as research items of interest / restaurants in your destination city.

9. Client relations. Have your Administrative Consultant send birthday or holiday cards (or ecards), thank you gifts, attendee gifts for workshop attendees or speaker gifts for any guest speakers at your seminars.

10. Preparation of workshop materials. This can include PowerPoint presentations, agendas, handouts or worksheets, as well as sending out follow-up materials after your workshop, or links to recordings of your presentation.

Online Consulting - 6 Features You Need For Your Coaching Class

In every class there are certain actions that every student will need to interact with, such as taking tests, updating their account etc.

Here are 6 specific interactive controls that each of your students will need in order to have a fully functional and valuable learning experience.

1. Account - here your student should have the ability to update and or change their account information.

2. Grades - here your student will need access to their grades, they just need to be able to review their grades.

3. Progress - here the instructor and the student needs to be able to see there progress through the materials, lessons etc.

4. Tests - here the student needs to have some way to take and submit tests.

5. Communications - here their needs to be features like private and public chat, forums, and email info.

6. Certifications - here the instructor needs to be able to issue Certifications, Awards etc to their students.

You can create these features on your web site using power point mixed with phone coaching. You could also use a mix of email and You-tube (you-tube has a private video viewing feature) to deliver video coaching. You can use emailed newsletters and direct mailed Audio or Video CD's to create your class.

And you could also use the private members feature of blogs like wordpress.com as well. There are also web sites such as igroops.com and digital chalk and they have software that will help you manage your online class and coaching or consulting workshops. Which ever tool you decide to use just know that there are dozens of methods to deliver some of the finest classes with little or no cost to you.

Paul Godines helps coaches, consultants, groups and businesses to write a book, to market and promote themselves and or their businesses. Paul will also help you price and package your products and services so that you can create a highly profitable coaching practice using your book.


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